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Create affordable, effective marketing campaigns with email marketing services from Watts Media. Email marketing is a convenient, affordable and trackable method of advertising that allows you to communicate with your target audience without costly investment in video or print advertising. Not only that, email marketing allows you to establish your brand and create lasting connections with your potential and existing customers.

Email marketing allows you to meet your customers where they are and allow them to engage with your content at their convenience. With a comprehensive strategy and clearly outlined goals, you can rapidly increase your digital presence online and in the minds of your customers. Team up with Watts Media and learn just how effective email marketing can be in boosting your business.

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What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the use of cultivated email lists to share information about a business, product or service with potential or existing customers. A stunning 92% of Americans have at least one email address. Even more interesting, Americans spend about three hours every day reading through email messages and other personal communications. The last number is the one that businesses should find most important of all. More than 75% of email users are completely fine with sharing their email with businesses.

If someone has any form of online presence, they likely have an email address. Email addresses have become a necessity. They are a component of online identification that allows users to manage bills and bank accounts, authenticate log-ins, retrieve passwords, establish a social media account and, at its most basic purpose, communicate with others.

That’s where your business benefits. Email marketing helps you share information about your business with your customers. Done correctly, email marketing is performed at the request of your customer. They consent when they share their email address after reading how you intend to use it. 

92% of Americans have at least one email address.

The average user spends 3 hours a day reading through emails and other personal communications.

75% of emails users are fine with sharing their email address with businesses.

Why Email Marketing Is Important

If you are not leveraging email marketing in your SMB, you are ditching one of the most affordable advertising and communication tools available to small businesses. Even more concerning is the fact that most of your competitors are not. While email marketing might feel like a very small action, it yields a variety of dividends. Some are tangible (product purchases, lead conversions, direct communication). Others are more abstract (brand recognition, brand-building, positive CX).

Save Time and Budget More Effectively

Email marketing provides you with a simple way to reach your audience wherever they are. Remember that note about traveling salespeople? Getting your business in front of potential customers can be costly. Before the rise in digital marketing, advertising a small business would require newspaper ads, local television ads, billboards, sponsorships and signage.

While those are still utilized to a large extent, digital advertising has boosted opportunities for small businesses to compete in their local area and even take their businesses to locations that would never have been possible in the past. Email marketing is an affordable way to bring your billboard to the phones, tablets and screens of your customers any time of day or night.

Stay Connected with Your Customers

Whether you run a brick and mortar store, a service-powered company or an online store, you know that connecting with your customers can be difficult. Maintaining a relationship is even moreso. There’s a reason that employing traveling salespeople was considered a necessity for revenue and expansion. Sometimes, you have to bring your ideas and opportunities to the people.

Today, however, you won’t have to send a salesperson hundreds of miles away to share your latest sale, new products or upcoming events. You can send an email instead.

Personalize Your Communication

Develop contact lists targeted to the needs of individual audiences. By personalizing your communication to fit the needs of your audience segments, you can increase the chances that your customers will consider buying your products or hiring your services.

If you’re a HVAC company, for example, you may divide your list by residential versus commercial to target sales and offers to each group’s needs. An outdoor outfitter might target an end-of-winter closeout to customers who have purchased ski or snowboard equipment in the last five years. Customized communication enhances your customers’ perception that you understand their needs while also encouraging them to seek out products or services related to those needs.

Cultivate Brand-building Outreach

Every touchpoint with your customer is an opportunity to build up positive feelings about your brand. Not every business has the massive recognition of Apple and Google or Ford and Chevrolet, but that doesn’t mean you do not have a brand. The tiniest neighborhood bodegas in New York City still have a brand, even if it doesn’t come packaged with a shiny apple-shaped logo. 

When you create an email marketing campaign with intention, you can grow and develop your brand in your communications. Even something as simple as greeting customers with “Hey neighbors!” can illustrate how you relate to your role in the community. Email marketing gives you multiple opportunities to share the heart of your business with the world.

Email Newsletter Services

E-newsletters are an excellent way to stay connected with your customers and keep them engaged with your brand even when they are not on the lookout for your product or service. Watts Media offers newsletter writing services designed to help you showcase your brand and create a positive lasting impression on your audience. E-newsletters are an excellent email marketing tool for:

  • Sharing updates about your business
  • Sharing sales and promotions
  • Positioning yourself as a subject matter expert
  • Sharing think pieces related to your products or services
  • Contests
  • Sharing your latest blog
  • Introducing your team
  • And more!

Watts Media provides the following e-newsletter services:

  • Content development
  • Copywriting
  • Layout
  • Campaign strategy
  • Support with list development
  • Other e-newsletter services

Automated Email Campaigns (Drip Email Marketing Campaigns)

Automated email campaigns, also referred to as “drip marketing” or lifecycle campaigns, engage your customer with information over a period of time. The goal is to lead them into the sales funnel through well-timed emails and other marketing and advertising sources that include information targeted to where the customer is at in the sales cycle. 

Long before email marketing was a strategic tool, this type of marketing was completed via direct mail — those shiny cards for auto services or internet service are one example you might recognize. The bombardment of political mailers, donation requests or other information are probably even more familiar. The difference between the glut of mail in your mailbox and your email in an inbox is that your customers want your communications. That’s why they signed up to receive emails. The other difference is that the frequency and type of communication is based on the behavior of your customer.

Watts Media develops strategic automated email campaigns that move your customer along the sales path without making them feel frustrated or spammed. How do we do that? With data and reporting. We monitor the open rates, the unsubscribe rates and the click-through rates to determine which communications are enticing them to learn more and which emails head straight to the trash without so much as a click. We then adapt and enhance your campaign to create new opportunities for outreach.

More Ways to Connect with Your Target Audience with Email Marketing

Create an automated reminder that reaches out to your customers if they leave their cart behind in the middle of a transaction. Your customers are bombarded with distractions both on and offline. This type of email sends them a friendly reminder that they’ve left something behind and it’s still there waiting to be purchased. Create emails that drive a sense of urgency in your customers about completing their transaction. Alternatively, offer a compelling reason to return, such as a small discount or free gift for completing the transaction.

Your future customers likely rely heavily on online reviews to determine their interest in your business. In many industries, a lack of online reviews can be almost as bad for business as a negative review. Review and ratings request emails are sent out after a customer has completed their purchase. Reviews increase your presence on popular platforms and showcase your amazing products and services through the words of real customers.

Sometimes the best way to find out what your customers might be thinking is to simply … ask. Email surveys keep your brand top of mind while simultaneously gathering important information that benefits both you and your customers. Ask them about customer service, products they would like to see, content they want to read and much more.

Give your customers a resounding welcome when they sign up for your email list. This is your opportunity to outline the type of communication your customers can expect. It also gives them the opportunity to back out of email contact and change their minds. Most importantly, it creates a positive association with your business by thanking customers for participating and engaging with you.

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Share new sales, early bird specials or other discounts with new or existing customers. Offer emails do not need to be a major component of your email marketing strategy, but they can be very beneficial to driving new business or obtaining new customers.

Do you have new employees, new products or new services? Perhaps you plan to move to a new location or expand your existing space? Email marketing allows you to share this information with your customers. It keeps your business top of mind without pushing for sales.

It can often be easier to win a past customer back than to gain a new one. Re-marketing targets this softer market by inviting them to re-engage with you.

Informative emails keep your customers in the know about order confirmation, shipping confirmation, tracking and much more. These automated emails save you time while making your customer feel informed about their purchase or upcoming service.

Solve Your Toughest Email Marketing Challenges

How many emails is too many? How many emails can I send in a day? A week? A month? Why should I send a newsletter if I want them to buy products or services? Isn’t that a waste of my time?

These are just a snapshot of some of the frequently asked questions we get from our email marketing clients. They are also excellent questions all business owners should ask. Email marketing might appear to be the Wild West of marketing with few rules or requirements. However, businesses can get in a large amount of trouble if they do not know how to properly use this tool.

Protect Your Company from Fines and Legal Ramifications

There are rules that require due diligence in order to protect your company. It is not as simple as establishing an account with an email platform and clicking send to an email list. For example, did you obtain permission to send marketing emails to your clients? Or did you simply pull emails from past business interactions or for a separate purpose? Does your email platform have its own restrictions in their user agreement? Do you know the protocol they follow if you break their rules? Email marketing best practices require a comprehensive knowledge of current rules and regulations.

Understanding the Consequences of Violating Spam Laws and User Agreements

The consequences of breaking the rules or violating user agreements can range from inconvenient — getting removed from your selected platform — to dire. Dire is no exaggeration, either. The CAN-SPAM Act was established under the FTC to protect consumers from spam, scam and nuisance emails. It warns that businesses can face fines up to $50,000 per email in violation of the law. 

Watts Media can help you develop email campaign strategies that are compliant with the law and the rules of your chosen platform. They will also be effective in achieving your email marketing goals. Whether serving as a consultant or as a bonus team in your business we can solve your toughest challenges, including:

  • Email list establishment and maintenance
  • Compliance with all local, state and federal email and spam laws
  • Authentic lead generation
  • Compliance with email platform rules and regulations
  • Email campaign development and execution
  • Unsubscribe protocols
  • List maintenance
  • And more!

Watts untangles the mess that can lead to mistakes and helps you find a clear path forward. We will show you how to fulfill your purpose as a business while protecting you from potentially costly violations.

Data-Fueled Campaigns that Maximize ROI

What drives our email marketing campaign strategies? Clearcut data gained from comprehensive reporting.

1. We begin with a deep dive into your current email strategy. What do your lists look like right now? How often have you been communicating with customers? How successful have you been with different email campaigns?
2. Our next step is to discuss your goals. What do you want to achieve with your new strategy? How many people do you want to reach? Are you seeking new sales? Do you just wish to create connections?
3. Once we have developed an understanding of the foundation, we work to develop an email strategy that aligns with your goals.

Some actions may include:

Frequently Asked Questions About Email Marketing

Absolutely. Our team of experienced email marketing specialists can assess your existing strategy and work with you to adapt it to increase click rights and improve results. If you are new to email marketing, we can also develop a strategic campaign from the ground up.

This is one of the trickiest questions to answer because it relies heavily on data about your customer base, as well as the type of product or service you offer. Schedule an exploratory call to discuss your current email frequency and how to improve your outcomes.

There is absolutely a breaking point for most customers. For example, unless you are having a limited-time sale, a daily email is likely going to alienate your customers. On the other hand, you also have to account for the number of times a customer might delete their promotional emails without even opening them. Watts Media can help you find the sweet spot that keeps communication open without the customer clicking unsubscribe.

Email marketing is alive and well. Even with modern spam filters and other changes, 75% of customers still welcome promotional emails from the businesses of their choice.

Yes, we can help you establish an email list for your marketing efforts.

Email marketing is relatively affordable, even when utilizing the services of an email marketing agency. Call Watts to set up a free consultation about your options and your budget.


Optimize Your Advertising with Email Marketing Solutions from Watts Media

Watts Media will help your business master the power of email marketing. We can work with all email marketing platforms and support B2C email marketing, B2B email marketing and a host of other marketing services for small businesses. Call us today to schedule an appointment for a complimentary exploratory call. We can discuss your needs and help you select the best email services for your business.